What is the working principle of a fuel pump?

What is the working principle of a fuel pump?

A fuel pump is a device that delivers gasoline from the car's tank to the engine combustion chamber. Its working principle can be summarized as follows: the electric motor drives the impeller to rotate, generating the effect of forced suction and discharge, allowing the fuel to be sucked into the fuel pump from the tank. After passing through the filter screen, the fuel is then pumped into the high-pressure fuel system of the engine, providing fuel for combustion.

The fuel pump is one of the most important components in a vehicle and has a crucial impact on the vehicle's performance and lifespan. However, due to prolonged use and wear and tear, the fuel pump may also experience various faults. The following are some common fuel pump malfunctions and their solutions.

  1. Fuel pump cannot start or stops immediately after starting

This may be due to fuel pump power supply failure or electronic control unit (ECU) failure. The problem can be resolved by checking the circuit. If the circuit is normal, the fuel pump or ECU may need to be replaced.

  1. Fuel pump makes noise or abnormal sounds

If the fuel pump makes abnormal noises, it may be due to internal component wear or bearing failure. In this case, the fuel pump's parts or the entire fuel pump need to be replaced.

  1. Fuel output pressure from the fuel pump is unstable

If the fuel pump's output pressure is unstable, it may be due to the fuel pump's filter or regulator malfunctioning. In this case, these components need to be replaced.

  1. Insufficient fuel pumped by the fuel pump

This may be due to the fuel supply pipeline being blocked, or the internal components of the fuel pump being worn out, leading to reduced pumping efficiency. The corresponding cleaning or replacement of parts is required.

In conclusion, understanding the working principle of a fuel pump, common malfunctions, and their solutions is essential for both car owners and mechanics. If encountering unresolved problems, seeking professional help is recommended to ensure the proper operation of the equipment.